JUNE 25th, What Every Business Owner Needs to Know? Brown Stone Mediation

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Chances are you have heard of Mediation but not quite sure all that it entails or the difference even between it and arbitration or litigation. For countless disagreements--large or small--Mediation is considerably a better option. Perhaps you're a business owner with a complicated employee relations situation where communication is strained, you and your business partner don't see eye to eye about the future direction of your company, or maybe you have a conflict the law isn't equipped to handle, or already in a lawsuit that you would like to settle before you go to trial; if any of these statements ring true you might be well served by going to Mediation. Mediation is cheaper, faster, and less complicated process than going to court. This session will introduce to you Mediation as a tool for resolving all types of conflict. You can expect to learn what Mediation is, how it works, how it differs from other methods, and some simple tips as a business owner you can do to help from ever seeing a courtroom to resolve a business or employment related dispute. Don't wait until you need it get armed with information before you do! Seats are limited.