Post COVID-19: The New Normal Workforce for Customer Care Centers

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Wednesday, August 26, 2020
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (EDT)

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Post COVID-19: The New Normal Workforce for Customer Care Centers


As companies have reopened over the last 60 days, the tendency is to want to go back to normal, conducting business as usual. But the reality is that we are very much operating under a New Normal, with new challenges arising daily. Increased absenteeism and the pain of quarantine impacts, complex HR issues, and looking ahead to the fall when schools will be back in session, likely based on e-learning, often leaves us with more questions than answsers. It often feels like questions far outweigh answers in the current landscape.

Using insights from businesses across the state and beyond, join us for a conversation led by Drew Epting, Regional Manager with MAU Workforce Solutions, around challenges companies are facing related to absenteeism and its financial impacts in the New Normal.  

We need your input! Please take a short survey designed to allow Customer Care Centers in our area to share information about the effects of the COVID-19 situation on our operations and the workforce we depend on. 

To participate in the survey, visit '4C COVID-19 Survey' at the stop of this page to access the survey. Please reply by Wednesday, August 19th at 5pm to be included and the results will be shared among the responding members of the 4C council. 

Guest Presenter:

Drew Epting
Regional Manager
MAU Workforce Solutions


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Sue Parr, President & CEO

Cal Wray, President

Robbie Bennett, Executive Director