Small Business Marketing Academy

presented by South State Bank

Comprehensive. Classroom Style. Curriculum Driven.

Small Business Marketing Academy is an opportunity for small businesses to learn, share and plan for a growing thriving business. Participants come together one day a month for six months to learn from local industry experts, engage in round table discussion for practical advice and best practices, and develop their own personal marketing plan.

The Academy runs twice per year with classes beginning in January and July. Classes are held on the last Wednesday of the month (excluding December). 

Applicants must be in operation at least two years; submit an application; agree to the terms of enrollment and tuition fee of $150 Members ($300 prospective members); complete a self-assessment of their business prior to the start of the program; and pledge to attend all classes of the program.

"Participating in the Small Business Marketing Academy was the best thing I've done since starting my businessThree months after "graduating" from the Academy, I was able to quit my full-time job and devote more time to my business."
- Sally Wood, Sally Wood Lactation

"Not only am I getting valuable marketing knowledge, but the networking is proving to be great for business as well. I highly recommend this class."
-Mike Boerner, Augusta Tint Solutions


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