All About the Mission - May 4

Posted By: Sue Parr All About the Mission,

Richmond County high school juniors and seniors completed their Students2Work interviews this week with panels of business and academic professionals.   Each student applying to the program for a paid summer internship must complete an interview process that tests their abilities to talk about themselves, communicate clearly and articulate their future goals.  Panel members evaluate the students based on a point-scored rubric in the areas of leadership abilities, communication skills, adaptability, professionalism and poise. 

Having done this for many years, I can say that this year’s students were in every regard a very accomplished and excited group of teenagers eager to begin their first job experience.  And, so are their parents who are required to attend what we fondly refer to as “parent night” as the opportunity to get as much commitment to the program from them as we do from the students.

Of course the Students2Work Program would not be possible without the partnership we have had for the program for the last 5 years with the Richmond County School System.   The Students2Work Program is a prime example of teamwork and collaboration between the school district including its departments for CTAE and community outreach as well as high school principals, teachers and counselors and the business community with its internship investors and the many volunteers supported by their companies who volunteers countless hours to the program.

A unique question posed to the students this year during their interview was the impact of the pandemic over the last two years to their learning, personal development and goals.  We were not sure what to expect from this question but from all accounts of the panel members, students were reflective and very open about how they adapted through such an unprecedented period of time and have emerged on the other side, a better and more responsible young person.  Congratulations to all of our students on a successful night and in taking their first steps in all about their missions!