All About the Mission - October 5

Posted By: Sue Parr All About the Mission,

As a past Chairman of the Chamber and a past recipient of the Chamber’s Small Business of the Year, Larry Jones, Founder of Universal Plumbing, continues to be a beacon in the community for entrepreneurship and the mentorship of young people searching for their future.  And, now he takes on the role of movie star in telling his story by kicking off Season 3 of American Plumbers.

If you know Larry at all, he has been on a mission for decades to promote the trades to young students and serves as a stunning example of what can be accomplished through hard work and building a business one pipe at a time.  Over the years, Larry has been the example that others want to follow.  Having served for Larry when he was Chairman in 2014, I can tell you that he is one of the most gracious and quiet leaders we have in our community.

We hope that all of our members take a moment to view his story on American Plumbers at Dead-End Road | American Plumber Stories - YouTube.  His success in our business community and what he is giving back is a great testament to the region we live in.  On behalf of the Chamber, we wish Larry and his team at Universal Plumbing much continued success and congratulations for allowing everyone to know your story.  We are excited to share the mission of Universal Plumbing as part of our All About The Mission this week.