Augusta Metro Chamber Webinar on ‘Adapting Non-Profit Funding Strategies During COVID-19’, April 28

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Join the Augusta Metro Chamber and Gateway Grant Services on Tuesday, April 28 to discover information about ways your non-profit needs to adapt its funding strategies during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Faith Edmonson and Ashley Ashe, Co-Owners and Consultants, along with Sarah Darr, a member of their team at Gateway Grant Services, will assess methods to revise your funding strategies while introducing new opportunities specifically regarding COVID-19 and how to utilize your volunteers without endangering their safety. 


Faith Edmondson, with a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Augusta University, has worked in the private, education, and nonprofit sectors for over 15 years, fulfilling various roles, from Counselor to Assistant Director.  In addition to writing, she enjoys teaching workshops on grant writing and doing presentations in the community related to grant funding.


Ashley Ashe has a Bachelor's degree and over six years’ experience in English Education, utilizing her crafty wordsmanship as a contract Grant Writer in the nonprofit sector before co-founding Gateway.  Marrying the son of a nonprofit director in 2011, Ashley saw first-hand the impact that organizations can have in their communities, as well as the need for nonprofit development and grant writing services.


Sarah Darr has a Bachelor's of Science in Electrical Engineering and worked in the Fiber Optics Tech field before taking time off to raise four kids.  A natural organizer with strong technical writing skills, she has a passion for helping organizations reach their goals through increased sustainability. Sarah has taken on several roles, from writer to tech guru, helping Gateway more efficiently serve our clients. ​


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The Augusta Metro Chamber’s Achieving More Virtually Web Series is a twice-weekly webinar series designed to provide informative and instructional virtual events to support the success of our members.