Masters Housing Bureau’s New Website is Live!

Posted By: Kathryn Freemon News Releases,

In celebrating their 50-year anniversary, the Masters Housing Bureau website has a new look.  Registration is now open for 2021 and the website upgrade provides a unique experience for both homeowners and renters.  New features include interactive maps, property types for quick references, “where the locals go” and much more. 


Fifty years ago, the Augusta National Golf Club and the Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce partnered to create a trusted home rental program for patrons visiting the Masters Golf Tournament.  This partnership has resulted in thousands of satisfied tournament patrons as well as local homeowners who trust Masters Housing Bureau to market and broker their homes for the benefit of visitors from around the world, including some of golf's best-known players.  Masters Housing is the largest home rental agency for the Masters Tournament, and the only agency sanctioned by the Augusta National Golf Club.


Masters Housing brokers the widest range of homes and condos of all sizes for every budget and every client.  The new Property Types feature allows renters to search quickly for desired locations like golf course communities, waterfront properties, houses within walking distance and host homes.  With a vast catalog of properties, Masters Housing can provide renters any kind of housing in any setting.


One of the first questions Masters guests ask, particularly first timers, is where do the locals go to eat, drink, play golf, shop and have fun?  The answer would be subjective, depending upon who is asked and what kinds of foods they like and what they consider fun.  The fact is, Augusta has something for everyone.  The new “Check Out Where the Locals Go” section provides handy directories for shops, restaurants, bars and entertainment venues, a great resource for renters and homeowners alike when leaving recommendations. 


Masters Housing has partnered with Invizion 360 to offer custom 3D Virtual Tours.  The goal is to showcase homeowners’ space in an innovative and interactive way for easy online viewing by customers. Invizion 360 not only offers Virtual Tours, but still photography and aerial drone footage as well.


With Masters Housing’s new and improved website, it’s easy to create a listing for your residence.  Visit today to register your home.  As an experienced rental agency, Masters Housing knows it's never too early to begin preparing for the next Masters Tournament.