All About the Mission - November 22

Posted By: Sue Parr, IOM, GCCE All About the Mission,

Experience Augusta 2022 Video from Destination Augusta on Vimeo.

With an emphasis on quality of life and “working from anywhere” high on the list for recruiting a talented workforce, the importance of creating that first great impression of a community cannot be overstated.  Enter the team at Destination Augusta led by Bennish Brown who are working hard to ensure that the place people visit can potentially become the place they call home.

Research tells us that a younger workforce, especially in a gig economy, can live anywhere.  However, we also know that people likely don’t move anywhere by choice without having first experienced it as a visitor.  That is why the work of Bennish and his team are of vital importance in two ways.  First, they are the driving force behind visitor attraction to our community which generates millions in economic impact.  But as important, in helping visitors curate that true Augusta experience, it benefits the region’s long term goals of attracting a talented workforce.

If you did not have an opportunity to attend Destination Augusta’s Celebration event last week at the Miller theater, we hope that you will take a look at their video to learn more about how this important organization, along with Augusta Sports Council, works hard every day to ensure our tourism economy remains strong and healthy.   If thinks we are 1 of 50 Cities Worth Exploring in 2022, we have a great story to tell and Bennish’s team is at the helm of making that happen!