Steps to Protect Your Business Against Future COVID-19 Related Claims, April 14 Webinar

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Join the Augusta Metro Chamber and local law firm Enoch Tarver, PC on Tuesday, April 14 at 3:00 pm for an informational webinar to determine how to protect your business against any future COVID-19 claims that may arise now or during the future of recovery.  Attorneys and Partners at Enoch Tarver, PC, Ed Enoch and Ed Tarver will evaluate legal obligations to consumers, clients & employees, share essential tips on ways to shield your business from future claims, and how to best safeguard in order to mitigate potential liability risks.


J. Edward Enoch has practiced law for almost 25 years, developing a wide array of specialties and areas of expertise.  These include employment law, estate planning, mergers and acquisition, contract law and real estate law.  He has served as legal counsel for the Augusta-Richmond County Coliseum Authority since 2003.  Ed Enoch’s approach to law doesn’t just stem from his expertise and education – although that has served him well.  It comes from vast personal and professional experiences, from challenges met and overcome and from approaching his life not as a series of obstacles to be overcome but endeavors to be met.


Drawing on his experience as a former Georgia State Senator, the 48th United States Attorney for the Southern District of Georgia and a Field Artillery Officer in the United States Army, Edward J. Tarver brings a deep understanding of complex organizations, an enterprising approach to problem solving and, most significantly, a broad and diverse understanding of trial law.  Prior to joining as a partner in Enoch Tarver and serving as the United States Attorney and State Senator, Ed Tarver was a partner with the Hull Barrett law firm.  His broad experience has allowed him to develop unparalleled expertise in the areas of litigation, personal injury, government relations, civil rights and compliance.


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