All About the Mission - February 15

Posted By: Sue Parr All About the Mission,

The Georgia General Assembly has been busy and with that comes reviewing many bills as they make their way through committees.  One of our most important tasks as a Chamber is to ensure that any piece of legislation that impacts our region is noted and evaluated for its impact and assists our regional delegation on focused policy that makes a difference.  

Much of what is surfacing very quickly is related to workforce development and workforce attraction as identified to be top issues across the state.  Key bills related to these issues are gaining momentum including an income tax exemption on military retirement benefits, a structured program for apprenticeships and allowing for greater resources to attract non-diplomaed workers into the workforce.  Take a moment to complete this quick survey which will serve to inform the Chamber’s Advocacy Committee and members of our regional delegation on the potential effectiveness of policy moving through the Georgia General Assembly.


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To view the three pieces of legislation referenced in the Chamber's Advocacy Survey, please follow the links below:

HB 1064 Military Retirement Income Exemption SB 231 Adult Program High School Diploma SB 379 Expansion of Apprenticeship Programs